South Sioux City’s Campaign on Reusable Recycled Bags

recycling campaignA group in the South Sioux City, Bring Your Own Bag, wants the residents to adapt to a new approach towards reusable recycled bags. In the past one year, the city officials in South Sioux have been encouraging the residents to use reusable bags and to bring their own reusable bags while shopping. This group supports the city council’s initiative to promote reusable bags; however, they feel that the residents should use these totes not just to promote the environment, but to save their tax money too.

The problem of litter in the city

According to the Coordinator of the group, Sally Reinert, litter is a very big problem in the city of South Sioux. Reinert moved to the city about four years ago, and since then she has felt that the city has a lot of litter problems in comparison to the other cities in the US. In her opinion, in the past four years a lot of commercial buildings have come up in the region, which has led to an increase in the litter levels as well.

Reinert stated that she has seen plastic bags thrown around in her community, and being stuck into various pipes as well. She has also noticed the contamination of the water bodies caused due to plastic bags in the region. She feels that at the present rate new businesses would not like to establish themselves in the city, and so the city council should take steps to curb plastic pollution immediately.

A group to promote reusable recycled bags

The Bring Your Own Bag is a unique group that was formed to encourage the residents of South Sioux City to use recycled sacks. The members of this group want the residents to change their mindsets towards plastic bags, and so they have taken up the initiative to promote reusable bags among them.

The group feels that reusable bags can help residents save on their taxes as well. This is because, with the increasing litter levels within the city, the city council will charge the residents more taxes for cleaning projects. According to the Director of the South Sioux City Parks, the city council spends a lot of money on the collection and disposal of litter. If the litter levels keep increasing, the city council will have to charge the residents higher taxes to meet the waste collection and disposal expenses. So the residents need to start looking for eco-friendly options to replace plastic totes, or else they will have to bear the brunt of the increasing litter rates.


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