St. Helena likely to Promote Wholesale Custom Totes

Wholesale Custom TotesWith the rising need to minimize the pressure on the environment and preserve natural resources, several cities have imposed a ban on the utilization of plastic bags and have started promoting the use of eco-friendly reusable tote bags instead. St. Helena could be the next city to join the bandwagon.

Ban on plastic bags

Napa Valley CanDo has been making presentations around the country in an attempt to encourage governments to introduce a legislation to phase out the use of plastic bags, keeping in mind the environmental hazards that it imposes. According to this community service organization, every year; fifty one million single-use plastic bags are thrown out in NapaCounty alone. Most of these bags end up in landfills while some are found polluting the landscape and waterways, causing serious harm to wildlife and the environment.

Following one such presentation, the City Council decided that staff should work on an ordinance to ban the use of plastic bags in St Helena, in consultation with the Climate Protection Task Force, now known as the Sustainability Committee. It also felt that there is a need to direct businesses to charge a nominal fee of ten cents for paper bags.

Mayor Ann Nevero stated that recycling was wonderful but not using the product at all would be a much better option.

Mario Sculatti, a councilmember mentioned that plastic bags caused tremendous waste and damage while customized reusable bags provided local businesses with a good branding opportunity.

Pam Simpson, the CEO/President of the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce said that she supported the concept but hoped that the city would involve the business community while drafting out the new ordinance. She added that the city had to take into consideration the possible effect this ordinance would have on tourists who generally don’t carry reusable bags around.

While the City of Napa is considering a ban on plastic bags, Calistoga is against the ban taking into consideration the fact that businesses like CalMart are making a voluntary effort to minimize the use of plastic bags.

Wholesale custom totes – A better alternative

Plastic bags were one of the most convenient inventions in the history of mankind. However, they have proved to be a nuisance for the environment since they are not biodegradable. They remain in landfills and end up emitting toxins into the environment, over a period of time. The production process of plastic bags is also harmful to the surroundings.

Switching to reusable bags is the best option as these bags are easy to carry around, more durable as well as long-lasting. Since these bags can be used over seventy five times, they reduce the need for repeated production of bags. In addition, carrying around a reusable bag shows that you care for the environment.

The use of wholesale custom totes is beneficial to businesses too as they are an excellent branding alternative. Every time a person uses a branded bag, it serves as a means of advertisement for the business.


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