Students from University of Tennessee Take Part in Eco-friendly Games

gamesA lot of the universities in the US are gearing up to take part in the RecycleMania competition. This competition is hosted for all the colleges in Canada and in the US, and it recognizes colleges that make efforts to keep their campus eco-friendly. The students from the University of Tennessee are preparing for this competition as well, and they recently conducted games based on recycling in the campus. The students conducted these games in order to involve more students in the eco-friendly initiatives of the university.

Recyclympics – an eco-friendly initiative taken by the university

The University of Tennessee conducts eco-friendly games through the event named Recyclympics every year in order to encourage the students to participate in the RecycleMania. The games that are conducted during the Recyclympics don’t help in increasing the recycling rates of the university, but they encourage students to use eco friendly promotional items.

According to the Environmental Coordinator at the University, Jay Price, the students don’t make efforts to recycle their waste as they don’t think about recycling. Price feels that if the students are reminded to recycle their waste time and again, they will actually make efforts to adapt to an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is one of the primary reasons as to why the university authorities host eco-friendly games for the students.

The importance of incorporating eco friendly promotional items

The University of Tennessee is particular about promoting recycling among its students as it was placed in the 269th position among the 275 participating colleges in last year’s RecycleMania. The results of last year’s competition suggested that the university has very low recycling rates in comparison to the other universities in the US. So the authorities are determined to better their ranking in this year’s competition.

The university authorities are going to take measures to help the students recycle their plastic and paper waste. According to Price, the eco-friendly games have introduced a sporting spirit among the students, and they are charged up to contribute towards this year’s RecycleMania. He stated that some of the students have already started recycling plastic waste in their residential blocks, and many have launched recycling campaigns across the university as well.

The students from the university stated that they are excited to take part in the competition, as it is a matter of their university’s reputation. Furthermore, the students are excited about competing with the University of Florida, and they are hoping that their university will emerge as the winner in their region.


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