Students Make Recycled and Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags

recycleThe students of Orange County, which is a public school, won four prizes at the “Re-Use Engineering Design Challenge”. This contest was organized by Lockheed Martin which is an international aerospace and security company. A total of eighteen high schools participated in the contest. This contest was for biology students who were required to design a unique and usable creation made from recyclable items and household trash. The winners were awarded in a function recently in West Sand Lake Road at the Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

Details of the contest

The four prize winning creations made by the Orange County included a backpack made from plastic bags and a lunch box that was creatively made from soda bottles. All the soda bottles used for this creation were of two liters. The other two products were a bag for carrying grocery made from bubble wrap and plastic bags and the other one was earphones made out of packaging foam and Pepsi cans.

This challenge was implemented and designed by a female environmental engineer of Lockheed Martin along with some biology school teachers. The main aim of the challenge was to create an interest among the students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities. It also aimed at motivating them to build a career in these fields.

A student from Timber Creek High School, named Rebecca Imbornoni scored the maximum points taking into consideration the rules of the contest. She had ironed sixteen layers of grocery bags made of plastic. She used this to make a grocery tote that was reusable. She made a mobile phone pocket for the tote with the help of bubble wrap. For making the handles of the tote, she used some scrap cloth. Her design ranked the highest as it was the best based on marketability, creativity, calculations, drawings, potential environmental impact, and research. It also followed the engineering design cycle. Other three schools that were awarded for creative designs were Boone High School, Olympia HS, and Lake Nona High.

Importance of recycled and non-woven polypropylene bags

Such contests not only bring out the creativity of the students but also inform and educate them. This contest educated the students about the importance of recycled and non-woven polypropylene bags. Recycling products made them understand the value and need of saving the environment. They learnt various methods in which they can make the world a better and greener place.


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