Successful Recycling Event of Wholesale Eco Bags by Boy Scouts

wholesale eco bagsThe Boy Scout National Jamboree recently organized a recycling event. This event was a grand success as the volunteers, staff members, and boy scouts showed active participation as well as recycled a large amount of trash.

The event in detail

For this recycling event, the boy scouts of the group used close to 320,000 food bags made of plastic, around 130,000 cups of plastic , 100,000 cans of soda, around 45,000 food containers, close to 3000 cot boxes, and around 32,000 pizza boxes. This is estimated to be close to 12 tons of garbage that is recycled every day in the area. It also includes around 300,000 pounds of cardboard that was recyclable. This way they recycled items like plastic bags, cardboard boxes, wholesale eco bags, paper cups, etc. Unfortunately heavy rain prevented the scouts from carrying on with the recycling any further.

The Boy Scouts of America came up with this idea of recycling the garbage in the local areas. One of the members and Scout leader of Boys Scouts Green Team, Dan Lofton from Bellaire, Ohio said that this event was one of the biggest efforts done by Boy Scouts of America. He said that this event was an historic recycling event and that the Boy Scouts have decided to follow this green trend.

All through the week, Dan along with his other friends and members of the Green Team loaded a truck that was as high as a 28- foot box with recyclable products. They were also joined by John McGinnis, their Scout leader in this program. This load was taken all the way from The Summit to the PaulBarleyRecyclingCenter of the Solid Waste Authority of Raleigh County.

Recycling plastic, paper and wholesale eco bags

The garbage will be unloaded at the recycling center from where it will be taken forward for recycling. Sherrie Hunter, the Marketing Director of the Solid Waste Authority said that they had never seen the scope of the recycling initiative taken up by the scouts. She said that the department was impressed by the goal of the scouts to divert maximum amount of recyclables from Summit.

McGinnis said that Boy Scouts of America is giving a lot of emphasis to recycling and will continue doing the same in future. He said that in the previous Jamboree, the scouts recycled somewhere around 5% of the total waste. The Boy Scouts of America is hoping to improve the record. He also shared that they are planning to put up recycling centers at every base camp.


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