GreenFiber – Recycling Paper in Innovative Ways

In the US market, the insulation business has been in existence for the past 40 years. But for the very first time, a green company is using paper to make insulation. GreenFiber is the first company to convert paper into cellulose insulation. As a matter of fact, it is creating products to compete with fiberglass, the most readily used material in the insulation market. … [Read more...]

Group 41 – An Eco-friendly Enterprise Producing Modern Homes

At present, many green organizations are making efforts to try and produce eco friendly promotional items. A San Francisco based design and architecture firm, Group 41 is one among these green organizations. Over the years, this firm has produced some fascinating eco-friendly designs, and currently it is working on building modern architectural houses using eco-friendly materials. … [Read more...]

Sims Recycling Solutions: Premium Recycling Facility at Sacramento

Sims Recycling Solutions is the world’s pioneer in electronic recycling and reuse. The Sacramento Business Journal has acknowledged it as the best recycling firm for four consecutive years. The journal takes into account the quantity of recycled electronic waste for a particular year to determine the best recycler in Sacramento. … [Read more...]

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