Take Valentine’s Day to the Grocery Store

When you are getting ready for Valentine's Day, you can use custom grocery bags to make an impression. This is a great holiday to pitch to your customers, and these bags can be a lot of fun to design. Think of what your best options is. Consider what your customers will buy, and get everything together for the Valentine's season. Come to Custom Grocery Bags to grab the right bags for … [Read more...]

Matching Holidays to Seasonal Custom Grocery Bags

When you are ordering seasonal custom grocery bags, it helps to have every holiday covered. You can change your bags with the seasons. You can get creative, and you can become a part of your customer’s daily life. As you read further, consider which holidays mean the most to your business. It can be surprising how many customers come back for all your seasonal bags. At Custom Grocery Bags, we … [Read more...]

Make a Custom Tote Bag for Your Valentine

To make this coming Valentine's Day eco-friendly, the ACFF or the American Conservation Film Festival has decided to host an innovative event. This event will take place on the 14th of February at the Shepherdstown Train Station, between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. This event is going to give the couples an opportunity to shop from a second-hand market, and it will allow them to use recycled materials to … [Read more...]

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