Target Celebrated Earth Day by Distributing 1.5 Million Eco-friendly Bags

Target logoTarget Corp celebrated Earth Day by giving away 1.5 million promotional reusable bags in all its outlets on the 22nd of April. The company also provided guests with easy and sustainable solutions, plus more than $50 as savings if they purchased sustainable products throughout the month of April. This awesome saving scheme can be received in any Target store or a limited-time website. According to a report, the popular retailer is partnering with Recyclebank, which is an organization that endorses sustainability by awarding individuals for eco-friendly actions like low water use and recycling.

Target’s perspective

The senior vice president of marketing at Target, Shawn Gensch told media persons that Earth Day is the ideal time to refresh guests’ memory that small actions can make a huge difference in cutting down waste, enforcing sustainable choices in a community and saving money. He added that Target is happy to do its part by helping guests with such choices by distributing reusable totes. The limited-time website created by Target was available until the 28th of April. It gives customers access to a wide range of products and tips in order to lead a sustainable life. The site also links clients to more than $50 as coupon savings. The entire month witnessed clients encouraged to visit the Recyclebank page on Target’s site.

The partnership between Target and Recyclebank also features two internet gaming sections, made by Target. This section gives guests rewards if they explore the sustainable living tips on the website. Apart from the Earth Day program, Target is offering its guests a discount of 5 cents that is valid throughout this year. The discount is given every time a guest uses [promotional reusable bags] distributed by businesses while they are shopping at target. Because of this discount offer, which kicked off in the November of 2009, Target has helped its guests save millions of dollars. It has also diverted thousands of plastic bags from landfills, where they can take about a century to disintegrate. Target has several goals and commitments to sustainability that it aims to achieve by 2015.

About Target

Target is a Minneapolis based corporation that caters to guests in 1,765 retail outlets that is spread across the United States. It is also available on the company’s website, The first branches of Target are scheduled to open in Canada in 2013. Additionally, the company runs a credit card business that offers clients branded proprietary credit cards as the main product. Target has been around since 1962 and it gives away 5 percent of the company’s income to community grants and programs. Today, that amount would equal to giving away more than $3 million a week.

The company integrates environmental sustainability throughout its business right from the construction of their buildings to the products they sell. It makes an effort to join hands with guests, partners and team members to keep up to their environmental commitments. One good example of this is the recycling stations that Target has in all its stores to help guests reduce waste. Target is growing as a company and they are doing their best to be sustainable in everything they do. For instance, the company is renovating old buildings for their stores instead of building new ones. This way, the use of non-biodegradable material is minimized. They also build in sites which are blighted and contaminated. The company is known to invest in millions to improve such locations.


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