Target Celebrated Earth Day by Distributing 1.5 Million Eco-friendly Bags

Target Corp celebrated Earth Day by giving away 1.5 million promotional reusable bags in all its outlets on the 22nd of April. The company also provided guests with easy and sustainable solutions, plus more than $50 as savings if they purchased sustainable products throughout the month of April. This awesome saving scheme can be received in any Target store or a limited-time website. According to … [Read more...]

Initiatives to Prevent the Use of Plastic Bags Continue to Thrive

A recent study showed that on an average, an American uses about 500 plastic bags in one year. The time that these bags are used for is just 12 minutes per plastic bag after which some of them are just strewn around on the road, while others are disposed of by other means. According to a report, a local organization has taken up the responsibility of changing this trend of opting for … [Read more...]

2012 Santa Cruz Earth Day Festival

On Saturday, April 21st, 2012, the Santa Cruz Earth Day Festival will be held in San Lorenzo Park, Santa Cruz, California.  The festival is a community event offering booths of educational information, fun activities for kids, a focus on green businesses and live music.  Some of the event highlights are an organic wine garden from Hallcrest Vinyards, electric vehicle showcase, recycled wear … [Read more...]

Austin City Limits Bag Ban Consideration is Music to the Ears of T.C.E.

Paper or plastic is a question that may not be asked again soon in Austin, Texas. The Texas Campaign for the Environment is applauding the consideration as both a common sense forward thinking solution for the environment and sound fiscal policy. The recent consideration of plastic bag bans in Austin is a trend continuing in Texas with Brownsville being the latest example earlier this year. TEC … [Read more...]

San Jose’s Plastic Bag Ban Goes Into Effect

Effective January 1st, 2012, San Jose's plastic bag ban goes into affect for all retail stores throughout San Jose.  This plastic bag ban is the most comprehensive to date and includes all grocery stores and retail outlets.  Paper bags will cost .10 cents at check out.  Any retailer that does not comply with the new ordinance is subject to a $1000.00 fine. San Jose shoppers will want to start … [Read more...]

Creative Ways To Reuse Your Plastic and Paper Bags This Holiday Season

Using reusable shopping bags isn't the only thing you can do to reduce your imprint on the environment.  You can use all those single use plastic bags and paper grocery bags in unconventional ways to brighten up your holiday season. There are many different craft ideas that you can make using single use plastic bags, such as creating a holiday wreath or braiding a dog leash.  Donating your … [Read more...]

Green Holiday Wreath Craft Idea

If you haven't started using reusable grocery bags to bring home your groceries with, and have a stash of plastic single use bags, here is a creative, festive craft idea to do with your kids while they are home for the holidays.  The instructions are simple to follow, and the wreath will make a great holiday gift for friends and neighbors. Materials: 12 guage strength wire or wire wreath … [Read more...]

Austin Town Hall Forum For Plastic Bag Ban On October 24th, 2011

Austin City Council has scheduled a Town Hall forum on October 24th at 6 PM at Austin Energy (721 Barton Springs Rd., Austin, TX.  to discuss a Single-use Bag Ban in Austin.  Mayor of Austin, Lee Leffingwell, will be in attendance with members of the Texas Campaign for the Environment (TCE) and members from Austin’s Resource Recovery Department.  The public is encouraged to attend to show support … [Read more...]

Convenient Ways To Wash Your Reusable Shopping Bags

We are all hearing about the importance of washing our recyclable grocery bags to prevent bacteria from forming, and there are a few good suggestions out there on how to do this effectively.  Soap and water removes up to 99.9% of bacteria, but some recycled shopping bags are a little too fragile to be thrown in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. One creative suggestion is to add … [Read more...]

Wilton, Connecticut Working At Grass Roots Level To Go Green

In January of 2011, The Wilton Board of Selectman approved a $2,500 grant for the "Wilton Go Green" educational campaign to inform residents of the negative impact of plastic and paper bags on the environment. The goal, over 6 months, was to get at least 50% of Wiltonians to use reusable bags. At the heart of the initiative was a design contest to develop artwork from school children that was … [Read more...]

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