The Great Recycle Campaign by Honest Tea

teaHonest tea is the nation’s top organic tea company. This company, which deals with organic bottled tea, has taken recycling initiatives in the recent years. The Great Recycle initiative by the company is expected to boost up the recycling rates that have remained low at 30% in recent years. The confirmed dates and places for recycling in the month of April have been announced.

A recycling event by Honest tea

The purpose of the recycling event initiated by Honest Tea Company was to educate and inspire citizens through a fun-filled environment of festivity, so that recycling can take place on a regular basis. In April 2003, the event took place in Washington and Dallas, Texas. The additional dates are likely to be announced shortly. The Great Recycle has visited Seattle, NY City, Rochester, and Palm Beach city already. Along the way, the event had been extremely successful with a collection of over 32,000 containers of beverage. In the coming weeks the event will cover Vermont, Washington, Texas, and New York. Honest Tea is committed to meet the goal of disposing off every beverage container by 2020.

The recycling event at each of these places will feature either 12 feet or 30 feet tall recycling bins. In return for empty beverage containers, people will get t-shirts, gift certificates, yoga mats, and even bicycles. The gifts will be in proportion to the quantum of empty cans garnered. Local recycling companies will be a part of the event to collect and recycle cans as per the local laws. In 2007, the company tied up with Terracycle and went on to create the Drink Pouch Brigade. The purpose was to recycle drink pouches which were eventually up cycled into things like note books, bags, and pencil cases.

A lot of work has been done since 2007, for example over 150 million pouches have been retrieved from landfills. Another milestone was created by the Honest tea Company, when they partnered with the Coca-Cola Company and the Bethesda Green. Together they installed over 30 bins throughout Bethesda to collect over 4000 lbs of beverage cans.

Honest Tea promotes eco friendly promotional items

The Honest Tea Company has been at the forefront of recycling activities related to eco friendly promotional items. Honest tea has goals of promoting healthy organic beverage that are tastier and creating economic opportunities for the communities that are in need. Currently it is the nation’s top selling organic tea company that specializes in beverages. The company has an impressive array of product line within the category of beverage including kid’s varieties, all tea, juice drinks, and a number of other products that are certified by Fair Trade and USDA. Other than several rewards, the Huffington Post cited the company as one among the top 8 socially responsible companies.


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