The One Cart Program Promotes Bamboo Shopping Bags in Jenks

eco friendly bagsIn order to increase the recycling rates in Jenks, the city council in Jenks has made alterations to the existing recycling program in the city. The city council has launched the one cart program in the city, and with the help of this program the residents will be able to dispose their entire week’s waste in one waste disposal trip.

Residents support the one cart program

According to the Mayor of the city, Greg Bowman, the city council is making efforts to make the recycle system simpler for the residents. He also stated that he believes that this program will benefit the residents and it will motivate them to recycle more as well. Leah Harper, one of the residents of the city agrees with the Mayor as she feels that the city council’s decision to introduce the one cart program will impact the recycling rates of the city positively.

Harper stated that up till now she has been recycling all her waste on her own, but with the introduction of this program she would like to take part in the city’s recycling initiatives as well. She stated that the new system will be far more convenient for the residents, as earlier the residents had to spend a lot of time in taking their waste to drop-off centers to get it sorted. With the one cart program in place, the residents will not have to go through the hassle of getting their waste segregated, so more residents are expected to take part in this recycling program.

Bamboo shopping bags and recycling in Jenks

All the residents who want to be a part of the new curbside recycling program in Jenks need to place their recyclables on the bottom of their recycling carts, and they need to place their trash on top of it. However, they will have to dispose the trash in garbage bags. According to the city council officials, this system will help the residents as both the recyclables and the trash will be collected on the same day, and they are hoping that a large population of the city will take part in this program.

Apart from promoting the latest recycling system, the city council is also encouraging the residents to use eco-friendly products such as bamboo shopping bags. This is because, once the recyclables and trash is collected by the waste haulers it will be sent to the Material Recovery Facility at Tulsa, and plastic bags can’t be recycled at the center. So the city council wants the residents to lower their consumption of plastic bags so that lesser trash is sent to the landfills, and more recyclables are recycled at the center.


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