The Sixth State of Green Business Report

go greenIn order to explain how businesses establish sustainable methods to operate in constantly changing environmental conditions, the State of Green Business report has published its research on sustainability. The present edition of the report is its 6th edition, and in the past 5 editions, this report has covered various environmental factors associated with businesses around the world.

The 2013 version of the report

Since the report is in its sixth edition, the publishers decided to make a few changes to its original format. In order to make this year’s report more informative, the publishers teamed up with Trucost. The publishers were happy that Trucost accepted their offer, as Trucost is a very popular name in the research industry. Furthermore, since Trucost focuses its research on sustainability metrics and the natural capital, it was an ideal choice for this year’s Green Business Report edition.

With the help of Trucost’s research, the publishers of the report were able to explain the changes that the private business sector has made in order to face global environmental challenges. The publishers combined their old research with Trucost’s research, and they were able to analyze the supply-chain impacts and natural capital costs of several companies. The present report also discussed the disclosure and transparency feature of businesses in many sectors.

Businesses and eco friendly promotional items

The publishers of this report decided to write about environmental issues and the industry together, as they feel that businesses need to encourage eco friendly promotional items. While compiling data on the various businesses over the past five years, the publishers have realized that many organizations have started formulating their policies with regard to environmental changes.

Currently, all the businesses are adapting a sustainability approach, since the global economy is always at a risk of unforeseen changes. In most organizations, the sustainability measures are aimed at aligning social, economic, and environmental interests of the company. Furthermore, since natural resources have become an unpredictable factor in the present context, the businesses are trying to reduce their supply-chain risks, so that they can withstand the changes in the availability of the raw materials.

Experts feel that organizations need to better their usage of raw materials, and ensure that they have cost-efficient resource supplies, so that they can remain unaffected by the changing global economy. In the past three years, natural disasters have had a drastic impact on the economics of the world, and it seems like environmental disturbances will continue to affect the global economy in the long run. So it’s essential that business owners focus on sustainable measures, especially in the raw materials sector.


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