The US Makes Way for Recycled Plastic Bags

Recycled Plastic BagsAfter passing the ordinance on plastic bag ban, Los Angeles became the largest metropolis of Unites States of America to take this step. Chicago and New York too are planning to implement a similar ban on plastic bags. This ban is strictly on the plastic bags that can be used only once. This step was taken by LA, as a measure to stop the clogging of water sources by plastic bags, which impact the marine as well as human life in the area.

Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago join the plastic bag ban

According to a report by the Sanitation Bureau, close to 4 million people in the city use around two billion plastic bags every year. Many of these end up in landfills or turn out to be litter. The ban is being opposed by plastic bag manufacturers. Their complaint is that this ban threatens the whole industry which employs more that 30,000 employees spread across 349 communities. They added that recycling measures have already been embraced by many cities, so a ban on the use of plastic bags is not required.

Joe Moreno, Chicago Alderman said that plastic bag bans are a good way to protect the environment from the hazards of this non-biodegradable product. According to him, the ban will allow the stores to levy a certain amount for using paper bags. Councilman Brad Lander in New York said though he has not chalked out the details yet, he still intends to introduce certain measures to deal with plastic bags in the city.

Recycled plastic bags, paper bags, and reusable bags being used by people

Mark Daniels, an executive at Hartsville said that plastic bags don’t make up more than one percent of the waste. He added that statements made by environmentalists about plastic bags filling up the landfills are false.

John Anagnous, who deals with precious metals in California, showed his disapproval by saying that this ban is just an easy way for the government to make money. He mentioned that it is important to take care of the environment, but that cannot be done by giving up convenient options like plastic bags. He is not happy with the idea of the government telling him what to do.

Customers are already being affected by the plastic ban in California. While some carried reusable bags, canvas bags, recycled plastic bags, and cloth bags to the stores, others fretted over the charge on paper bags.


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