Tips on Laundering Your Reusable Shopping Bag

eco friendly promotional itemNow that many US states have a policy against plastic bags, the residents have switched to using reusable bags. However, several reports suggest that if not maintained properly, reusable bags can cause food borne diseases in the users. This is because they are prone to E.coli infections, and they can have bacterial growth. So it is essential that you learn how to maintain your reusable bags, and launder them at regular intervals.

Store your reusable bags in dry places

If you want to maintain your reusable bags, and clean them easily, it’s advisable that you store them in clean and dry places. Warm places increase the risk of bacterial infection in the bags, which will make the washing process harder. So, if you store your bags in your car or at home, try and keep them in the door socket or wardrobes respectively.

Keep separate reusable bags for different eco friendly promotional items

If you want to make your laundering process simpler, make sure that you use separate reusable bags for different tasks. If you use one reusable bag for all your tasks, it will get dirty quickly, and you will have to launder it often. However, if you have separate reusable bags for your vegetables, fruits, eco friendly promotional items, and packaged products, you will have to wash the bags only once a month. This is because the bags won’t get excessively dirty due to overuse.

Wash the reusable bag on the basis of the cloth used

Reusable bags are available in a variety of cloth materials such as jute, cotton, and wool. Before laundering your reusable bag, make sure that you check the material that it is made out of. Every material has its own cleaning requirements, so you will have to launder your reusable bag on the basis of the material it is created from. Cotton reusable bags get dirty easily and would need the most amount of care, while jute and wool reusable bags can be cleaned by just soaking them in hot water.

Wash your reusable bags at least once a month

Even if you don’t use your reusable bags regularly, it is advisable that you wash them at least once a month. This is because reusable bags are exposed to a lot of dust and dirt. So even if you don’t use the bags, there might be a lot of dirt accumulating on them. Furthermore, make sure that you mix a little bit of antiseptic solution in the water that you clean your reusable bags in, as this will protect the bag from harmful bacterial infections.


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