Unique Recycling Program in Las Cruces to Promote Reusable Shopping Bags

reusuable shopping bagIn order to encourage eco-friendly behavior among the residents, the city council of Las Cruces has collaborated with a company named Trex Co. to conduct the Bags to Benches program in the county. This program will give all the residents in Las Cruces an opportunity to trade their plastic waste for recreational park benches, and it is expected to come into effect very soon.

A unique program initiated by the city council

The Bags to Benches program is a part of a competition hosted by Trex Co., which is the Plastic Bag Recycling Challenge. In this program, when the residents submit approximately 30,000 plastic bags to the company, they will receive a new park bench. This program has been started by the Parks and Recreation Department in the county, and they are hoping that all the residents will participate in it.

According to the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, Mark Johnson, this program is an effective way of encouraging the residents to use eco-friendly items and shopping bags. In order to help the residents participate in this program, the department has set up several waste drop-off centers in the county. So the residents can dispose all their clean plastic bags at these centers. Furthermore, the Albertson’s stores and the New Mexico State University are also helping out the department in their collection activities, so the residents can get in touch with them as well.

Residents are expected to participate in the program and use a reusable shopping bag

The residents of the county are very excited about the program, as they prefer using a reusable shopping bag instead of a plastic bag. According to Tyra Camacho, a lot of the residents in the county avoid using plastic bags, as they are environmentally conscious, and they have to go through a long process to dispose them. So through this program, they will be able to dispose their piled-up plastic waste easily.

According to Camacho, the fact that this program will increase the number of benches in the county’s parks is a good motivational factor for the residents to participate in the recycling program. She stated that the residents in Las Cruces like to spend their time at the various parks in the county, and they would be delighted to have additional benches for this purpose. So she thinks that the residents in the county will be happy to participate in this program, and the county will be able to win a lot of park benches through it.

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