Use Recycled Pet Totes to Clean Pet Waste

Recycled Pet TotesAnimals like dogs and cats are found abundantly in cities. With a large number of pets walking the streets, huge quantities of pet waste is inevitable. When we speak of pet waste being a nuisance, we aren’t just referring to the litter. More important than that is the fact that pet waste can lead to health hazards.

Impact of unpicked pet waste

Unpicked pet waste is leading to numerous environmental problems. Many people wonder how this is possible since pet waste is a natural product.

A Public Information Officer with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – Cathy Rofshus stated that the hue and cry regarding pet waste did not revolve around the fact that the waste littered the streets. The main issue was in the fact that dog and cat waste create a haven for the growth of algae as a result of certain nutrients present in it. This can have a negative impact on the ecology. In addition, in cities which have a high concentration of dogs, people walk their dogs on sidewalks that are located close to storm drains. These storm drains tend to carry off debris and waste matter into rivers and pollute them.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a drainage area of 20 square miles, flowing into a coastal bay, can be affected adversely by the waste produced by 100 dogs in just three days. The bacteria and nutrients that it carries is enough to hog all the oxygen in the water and get the bay closed for shell fishing and swimming.

According to veterinarian – Dr. Beth Wohlert, pet waste also contains parasitic worms such as roundworms and harmful bacteria that can be passed on to humans, resulting in health hazards. In addition to intestinal infections, roundworms could travel to the eye and cause blindness.

Due to these reasons, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recommends that pet owners pick up their dogs’ waste and put in along with their personal trash. If done so, the waste will end up in landfills or incinerators where it can do no harm. Cathy Rofshus added that landfills are now lined to ensure that the waste does not get washed out of the landfill. If at all waste does get washed out, the water runoff can be treated with the help of water collection systems at the site. Alternately, you could flush down the waste and send it off to the sewage treatment system designed for human waste.

How recycled pet totes can help?

Many people find it awkward to walk around with dog waste in their hands. To deal with this dilemma, one could opt for disposable recycled pet totes to carry home what you picked. These bags look classy in comparison to ordinary bags. In addition, they are biodegradable, provided they are exposed to the right conditions.


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