Vail Looking for Guidance to Promote Printed Shopping Bags

Printed Shopping BagsVail is planning to ban the use of plastic bags in the town. Looking at the impact of a similar ban in the city of Aspen, Vail is considering the same. To get a deeper understanding of the ban and its impact, the Town Council of Vail recently contacted the senior specialist in environmental health, Ashley Perl who works in Aspen.

The ban in Aspen

Ashley said that though the ban was accepted by the residents, it was not welcomed right away. The ban stated that plastic bags would not be allowed in the stores and customers would need to pay 20 cents for paper bags. Aspen made printed shopping bags and reusable shopping bags available to the people free of cost. These bags were made available at important public places like airports, hotels, tourist centers, and car rental stores among many others. These so called bag banks also allowed people to drop any excess reusable and recyclable bags that they had, so that other people could use the same.

Though the transition was quite smooth, Perl was aware that there would be some speed bumps on the way. This would come in the form of negative feedback from plastic bag lobbyists and paper bag companies. Also, the people who were emotionally attached to plastic bags and reused them to clean up after their pets and line the trash bins wouldn’t be happy with this sudden change.

One problem that Aspen faced, when the ban came into effect, was that people who recycled their grocery bags made from plastic did not really find the ban beneficial. But they accepted it because somewhere down the line they knew plastic isn’t good for the environment.

Printed shopping bags to the rescue

The members of the Town Council of Vail have agreed to get a feedback on the proposal from the residents of the town. The Council will draft the ordinance only after gauging the reaction of the residents. Stan Zemler, the Town Manager has confirmed that the survey will be drafted by the town staff and will be handed over to the Town Council. As the residents have to live with it, it is important that they come together and voice their opinion. They have been educated about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment and know their responsibility in saving it. They also know that though the ban may make their life a little inconvenient initially, they have better options for themselves in the form of reusable bags, printed shopping bags, and paper bags.


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