Waste Management Encourages Recycling and Bulk Custom Bags

eco friendly wastesWaste Management has helped a lot of the cities and counties in the United States to increase their recycling rates in the past one year. With the help of the programs organized by the company, close to 75 communities have been able to recycle around $179 million pounds of waste material, and the citizens have been able to win rewards worth $4 million as well.

The recycling initiatives taken by Recyclebank and Waste Management

Most of the recycling programs organized by the company have been launched in association with Recyclebank, which is the parent company of Waste Management. The awards that were offered to the residents were provided by Recyclebank. The company is planning on continuing these programs, and introducing them in 20 more communities by the end of this year.

According to experts, the recycling campaigns held by both these companies have proved to be quite successful. The residents can dispose all their waste materials with the help of the curbside recycling program organized by Waste Management, and they can learn about the benefits of recycling through the online educator formulated by Recyclebank. Both these companies aim at educating the residents on the recycling methods, and help them in becoming a part of these methods as well, which is why they have helped communities increase their recycling rates.

According to the officials from the company, the recycling programs organized by the firm have helped in improve their company strategy as well. They feel that this initiative has helped them reach their goals in a better way, and they are hoping that with these programs, the waste disposal problems within the country will be solved.

The company promoted bulk custom bags

Apart from organizing user-friendly recycling initiatives for the residents in the United States, Waste Management officials have been encouraging them to buy bulk custom bags and use them. The officials feel that plastic is a major component of waste that can’t be recycled easily. So if the residents replace these bags with reusable bags, and dispose other waste at the curbside recycling centers, the states will be able to reduce their waste disposal expenditures drastically. The company also feels that local businesses and the residents will benefit more by using reusable bags, as the stores will not have to spend money on purchasing customized bags, and the residents will be able to use reusable bags for several transactions.

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