Young Fashion Student Promotes Non-Woven Tote Bags

Eco friendly initiativeAn upcoming designer from the Parsons Design School in New York, Wu Mengdi, is gaining a lot of popularity because of her custom-made totes. This designer has come up with unique totes that have cartoon prints on them. These totes are eco-friendly in nature, and can be paired with any outfit as they have funky cartoon prints on them. This young fashion designer is being appreciated for her efforts in promoting eco-friendly products, in the New York fashion industry.

Mengdi’s interest in fashion

Being a fashion student, Mengdi confessed that she is not very good at weaving products, and that she was often not appreciated by her sewing teacher. Since she is in her junior year at fashion school, she needs to attend all her basic fashion classes; however, she is more interested in creating abstract designs. She stated that she always wanted to work with totes as they are a good option for the youngsters and she could experiment with them. At present, Mengdi is concentrating on designing unique totes.

Non-woven tote bags designed by Mengdi

Mengdi has been working on tote bags from the beginning of her freshman year. She stated that she launched her first non-woven tote bags collection in the year 2010. One of the popular tote bags from this collection was the “Button Tote”. This tote bag had an interesting and cute face printed on it. Mengdi stated that she wanted to keep the design of her totes simplistic with basic geometrical figures, but she wanted people to remember them, so she chose to make faces. For this particular tote, she also used buttons to add some spunk to her design.

Mengdi feels that totes are a good alternative to traditional bags, as they are eco-friendly in nature. So she thinks that more and more residents should try and incorporate them in their daily lifestyles. Especially in the present context, when many cities and counties within the US have decided to ban single-use plastic bags within their premises, she feels that customized tote bags can be useful to the residents.

Moreover, she feels that totes are a good option for people who are concerned about their fashion quotient. This is because totes can be designed in a customized way to appeal to a specific audience. So people can match their eco-friendly totes with their attires, and make a personalized style statement. Furthermore, they can also use these totes for their regular grocery or other shopping needs.


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