Eco-friendly Gifts for Mother’s Day

giftWith Mother’s Day round the corner, EcoPlum, an online eco-friendly gift shop, is publishing a profile series called EcoPlum Salutes Green Moms. It will feature the mothers who have taken environment-friendly actions throughout the month of May. It will also offer discounts and complimentary shipping on all eco-friendly promotional items that it sells.

Eco-Friendly Products for Mother’s Day

EcoPlum online shop has the best eco-friendly products that you can gift to your mother. Apart from the eco-friendly jewelry, cosmetics, and designer outfits, EcoPlum is offering free shipping for the occasion, on all products above $50. Best of all, if you buy an e-gift card for your mother, you not only save on paper and help the environment, but you also save on the price of such cards through the 10% discount that EcoPlum is offering for the occasion. There are eight categories of eco-friendly promotional items available at the shop, ranging from house wares to personal care items. Buying items from any of these categories can earn you reward points.

EcoPlum is also going to publish a series of articles on mothers who have taken initiatives on environment friendliness, starting with one on a group of mothers who taught the public schools in New York City how to compost waste food. There are also going to be stories about mothers who produce EcoPlum products, as well as a mother’s guide to eco-friendly living. Readers can also submit articles about their mothers, who engage in eco-friendly practices, at the official website of EcoPlum. They can also send the articles through email.

The series of articles, called EcoPlum Salutes Green Moms, will start from May 1, and run till the end of May. The series will have a special roundup on Mother’s Day. This initiative is to specially honor the mothers who have taken some action to make the world cleaner and greener, as well as to spread awareness about eco-friendly lifestyle.

EcoPlum – Encouraging Eco Friendly Promotional Items

EcoPlum is an e-commerce business with a difference. They not only make eco friendly promotional items available to the common man, but also provide articles on eco-friendly living that can inform and inspire people to be green. Apart from providing items from sustainability certified vendors, EcoPlum also offers reward points through a loyalty program. Customers can redeem these points to either buy more products from EcoPlum or use them for donations for ecological causes.


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