North Carolina Luring Eco-Friendly Tourists


A recent article in a national newspaper has drawn attention to the fact that an increasing number of tourists are looking at a destination’s eco-friendly quotient. They are placing it in high regard when it comes to choosing where to head to for a vacation. The easy access to information with the dawn of the Internet age makes it easy to get a lot of information about a location, before deciding … [Read more...]

Eco-friendly Gifts for Mother’s Day


With Mother’s Day round the corner, EcoPlum, an online eco-friendly gift shop, is publishing a profile series called EcoPlum Salutes Green Moms. It will feature the mothers who have taken environment-friendly actions throughout the month of May. It will also offer discounts and complimentary shipping on all eco-friendly promotional items that it sells. … [Read more...]

Second Recycle-Bowl Completion to be Held this Year


Keep America Beautiful Inc., the non-profit action group, has announced the second edition of their successful Recycle-Bowl Competition. After the massively popular event last year which attracted over half a million students, Keep America Beautiful has decided to host the competition again this year. … [Read more...]

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