Initiatives to Prevent the Use of Plastic Bags Continue to Thrive

A recent study showed that on an average, an American uses about 500 plastic bags in one year. The time that these bags are used for is just 12 minutes per plastic bag after which some of them are just strewn around on the road, while others are disposed of by other means. According to a report, a local organization has taken up the responsibility of changing this trend of opting for plastic bags at the grocery store. A lot of large stores are witnessing a rise in sustainable and eco-friendly measures as the threat of global warming and climate change is increasing.

Michael John from Sioux City stated that the only advantage that plastic bags have is that they are extremely convenient. Another spokesperson from Sioux City, Lanette Falk added that she reuses plastic bags for recycling and to line the wastebaskets around the house. Kristy Koivisto from Sioux City said that plastic bags are always reused by her for several things apart from packing her child’s lunch.

Steps towards an eco friendly community

These people do not realize that no matter how many times they are reused, plastic bags eventually end up in landfills or just as litter in public places. Sally Reinert from Bring Your Own Bag’s stated that people create a lot of trash that doesn’t even have to exist in the first place. To combat the use of plastic bags, Sally has put together a ‘Bring Your Own Bag” committee to motivate businesses to distribute reusable bags for groceries and discourage plastic bags. She added that if people can remember to bring money to purchase groceries they can also remember to carry these bags; it’s just a matter of forming a habit.

Reinert believes that using plastic bags is an eye sore and it also harms livestock, the environment, and is a setback to economic development. A community that looks like trash portrays one that is declining and past its prime and people don’t want their community to look like that so it is up to them to make an effort. The ‘Bring Your own Bag’ committee organised its inauguration event on the 1st of May. Members of the committee namely, the South Sioux Walmart, the South Sioux Walgreens and the South Sioux City HyVee gave away free reusable shopping totes to customers.

The committee is also helping spread awareness about the benefits of using reusable bags as opposed to plastic grocery bags. The bags can be washed and dried, and it is recommended that separate bags are used for vegetables and meat.

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