North Carolina Luring Eco-Friendly Tourists

touringA recent article in a national newspaper has drawn attention to the fact that an increasing number of tourists are looking at a destination’s eco-friendly quotient. They are placing it in high regard when it comes to choosing where to head to for a vacation. The easy access to information with the dawn of the Internet age makes it easy to get a lot of information about a location, before deciding to see it for one’s self. The same article also stresses the need for us to pay closer attention to the sustainability of our state’s natural resources as we could end up damaging the facets of our state that people are coming to see.

Eco-tourism in North Carolina

Tourism is a huge industry and also plays a huge role in promoting the reputation of a locality or state. There is an increasing desire within North Carolina’s tourism body to promote eco-tourism within the state, getting the best of both worlds in terms of a healthy tourist welcome as well as preserving the best aspects of the state. The North Carolina Green Travel program was initiated by the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources. It was built on statistics that showed as many as 47% tourists taking a location’s eco-friendliness into account before making a decision.

A number of tourist spots are taking an initiative and installing rain gardens, rainwater cisterns, and many other fixtures that are pre-approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Speaking to the owners of the inns, hotels, and other tourist institutions that have become a part of the Green Travel era, we realize that tourists are very happy about the steps that these businesses have taken to be a part of a necessary change in order to sustain the natural resources. A number of owners say that they receive a lot of kind words regarding the matter.

NC GreenTravel program – encouraging eco friendly promotional items

The NC Green Travel program is focused on encouraging eco friendly promotional items such as avoiding too much air travel, as it is known to be one of the biggest contributors to global warming (alongside also being much cheaper on the wallet). Other ways include reducing the size of the carbon footprint that we leave on the planet, trying as much as possible to locate and visit locations that are focused on eco-friendly methods of operation, discovering great hotels and inns that make the extra effort to conserve the vital resources of the planet, in addition to giving something back to their communities.

There is also a focus on finding out about locations that claim to be more eco-friendly than they are actually. The Green Travel program attempts to identify those establishments that attempt to take advantage of some tourist’s gullibility, while also educating tourists on what to look for.


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