The New Curbside Recycling Program in Wilmington

recycleWith the beginning of 2013, the city council in Wilmington has decided to change the recycling schedules for the residents. From the coming week, the residents will have to dispose their waste every alternate week. Prior to this, the residents had the facility to dispose their waste every weekend. However, the city council feels that a weekly waste collection system is very costly, and can be monitored by collecting the waste from the residents on every alternate week.

More about the curbside recycling system at Wilmington

At present, there are close to 20,000 residents in the city of Wilmington, who participate in the recycling programs conducted by the city officials. With the new curbside system in place, the old recycling carts have been replaced with the new blue ones and the frequency of collection has changed from weekly to bi-weekly basis. So, more people are expected to recycle. According to the officials who work for the Solid Waste Management Department, at present approximately 65 percent of the residents in the city participate in recycling activities, and the numbers are increasing substantially every year. Therefore, the city council needs to implement this new system for managerial purposes.

This new change will not affect the regular collection of waste from the households. It will only affect the collection of the recyclables. The new blue recycling carts have been introduced in various areas of the city to facilitate the residents. These carts have a larger capacity, so many households can dispose their recyclables in a single cart. Furthermore, with the new system in place, the city officials are expecting to save up to $220,000 in terms of manpower costs annually.

Under the new system, the residents of the city will be divided into two groups – one group will be named the blue group, while the other group will be named the white group. The residents under the blue group will have their waste collections before, and in the following week the white group will have their collection cycle. So both the groups will have alternating collection cycles. To help the residents to find out which group they belong to, the city officials have put up lists on their official website as well.

The need to encourage the use of eco friendly promotional items

According to the city officials, with the new system in place, more residents will be able to participate in recycling activities easily. Therefore, the new system will make the residents aware of keeping their environment clean and encourage the use of eco friendly promotional items among them. Furthermore, it will help combat the issue of solid waste disposal in a more organized way.


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