Edible Cups That Will Help Reduce Waste Generation

With the increasing awareness of eco-friendly products, a small group of people have taken up the initiative to produce edible cups named Loliware. Food companies have become very particular about the materials that are used while packaging their food items, and have taken many steps to try and reduce their environmental footprint. Loliware is a perfect example of this; individuals can place their … [Read more...]

Plastic Bag Ban in San Clemente

The Coastal Advisory Commission at San Clemente is perturbed by the escalating issue of plastic bag waste disposal. So, it has proposed that the city council of San Clemente should put a ban on the usage of single-use plastic bags within the city limits. The city council has contemplated on the proposal of banning single-use plastic bags twice in the recent past, and may come to a conclusion soon. … [Read more...]

Cooking Oil Recycled as Biodiesel in Jacksonville

To try and curb the dependence of people on fossil fuels, Metro-Rooter Plumbing and JEA in Jacksonville, Florida have decided to launch an initiative in which used cooking oil is going to be converted into biodiesel. This biodiesel can be used in automobiles such as trucks and cars and will help reduce the dependence of the people on fossil fuels, stated the spokesperson for JEA, Gerri Boyce. … [Read more...]

Eco-friendly Diapers in Pittsburgh

To help establish an eco-friendly market in the baby product industry, Changin' Time Laundry Services, a Pittsburgh based business has launched a new range of eco-friendly baby diaper services. These diapers are old-fashioned, as in parents are encouraged to use cloth materials as diapers for their children. Once the parents have a pile of cloth based diapers ready for disposal, they can have them … [Read more...]

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