Recycling – An Option for Old Electronic Appliances

Most people tend to throw away old electronics after a span of ten years. Electronics need to be thrown into junkyards or landfills meant for waste disposal, and occupy a lot of space as well. To try and spread awareness on this issue, Deacon Dan Klockowski got his old computer desktop recycled instead of disposing it into a junkyard. According to David Lupinski, the Director of Recycling, more … [Read more...]

Sustainable Energy and Eco Friendly Developments in Latin America

Due to the sustained growth in economy and the increasing need for electricity in Latin America, the potential for renewable energy appears promising. As Latin America is rich in biodiversity and natural resources, a concern is being raised about conserving them with environment friendly technologies. … [Read more...]

Students in Iowa Launch a Recycling Campaign

Looking at the increasing issue of waste disposal into landfills, the students from the Northwest Junior High Schools and the Southeast Junior High Schools in the Iowa City have decided to launch a recycling campaign. These students have decided to recycle all the waste materials that are generated in their area. At present, these students are specifically targeting waste materials that are … [Read more...]

Burt’s Bees Turns Green

Keeping in mind the issue of plastic waste disposal, Burt's Bee, a company that creates skincare and natural beauty products has decided to make its packaging from eco friendly promotional items. At present, this company utilizes recycled plastic materials to make their packaging. But, they are trying to look for alternatives that will narrow down their waste to a zero percent. … [Read more...]

SWACO Grants to Columbus Libraries and Other Organizations

Recently, the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) had awarded grants for environmental initiatives taken by organizations, local governments, nonprofit agencies and schools. Columbus Metropolitan Library is one such organization that has received the grant. … [Read more...]

Residents of Winnipeg Donate Recycle Bins to Help the Needy

  Several blue boxes were donated by the residents of Winnipeg to the local food bank. The bank intends to use the boxes for delivering emergency hampers, storing food, and growing vegetables. Due to the change in the garbage management policy of the city, the blue boxes that were formally used for collecting recyclables became useless. In an effort to recycle the blue boxes and put them to … [Read more...]

Energy Saving and Recycling Initiatives by Cumberland County Schools

  Gloria Lengel, a teacher at Sunnyside Elementary School is the head of the recycling and energy conservation program initiated by the schools of Cumberland County. It is her task to visit the schools of the county and check if the recycling activities are being carried out. On her surprise visits to the schools, she picks a plastic bag at random and verifies if the recyclables in it are … [Read more...]

America Commemorates Environmental Responsibility

  America Recycles Week has witnessed a renewed emphasis on recycling policies in the country. Awareness campaigns have been launched to educate people upon diverting material from landfills to recycling bins. … [Read more...]

Second Recycle-Bowl Completion to be Held this Year

Keep America Beautiful Inc., the non-profit action group, has announced the second edition of their successful Recycle-Bowl Competition. After the massively popular event last year which attracted over half a million students, Keep America Beautiful has decided to host the competition again this year. … [Read more...]

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