Phoenix Lawmaker Introduces New Bill for Green Cleaning

Arizona Senator Ed Ableser, D-Tempe, has authored a bill (SB 1072) which would take great strides towards making school districts and charter schools more green with their choice of cleaning products. The state lawmaker maintains that requiring schools to switch to eco-friendly cleaning products would promote the safety and health of school children. This new bill comes right off of the heels of … [Read more...]

Plastic Waste Puts Great Lakes in Danger

Recently, scientists have been focusing research efforts on pollution levels in the Great Lakes due to plastic waste. The source of a great deal of this contamination is considered to be microplastics. Microplastics are small plastic particles which cause physical and chemical pollution in waterways. It is believed that there are two main sources for the microplastics that have been showing up in … [Read more...]

Locally Sourced Food for Kids

Every parent knows what a pain it can be to get children to try healthy food. The New Horizon Academy, however, is making this possible across its 62 centers, and introducing healthy and locally sourced food to 7,500 students. They believe that unless children are introduced to eco friendly food, they will never try it. … [Read more...]

Add a New Organic Flavor to Your Beer

The USDA has recently ruled that at all ingredients in organic beer must be organic for the brewer to earn organic certification. This bodes well for hop growers who cultivate this cash crop, as well as for beer itself, which depends on hops for its uniquely bitter flavor.     … [Read more...]

Bamboo Grocery Bags May Solve Issues of Regular Reusable Bags

In the past few years, many residents in the Washington D.C. region have switched to using reusable bags. However, residents feel that these bags may be injurious to health as they might have Escherichia coli or E. coli present in them. E. coli leads to various infections and may prove to be fatal to an individual's health. Therefore, residents are uncertain about whether or not these bags are a … [Read more...]

Gluten-free Products Are the New Health Food Buzzwords

The health food market is flooded with protein shakes, multi-vitamin pills, and a myriad of supplements. Whey protein health drinks and calcium supplements have been around for ages. But a new and particularly important line of products is likely to become popular in 2013. These are gluten-free health supplements that will be sufficiently stocked in the health food stores of Tupelo, as observed by … [Read more...]

Global Soap Project: Improving People’s Health by Recycling Utilized Soap

  Even though soap is part of a daily routine for most people, it can be a luxury for   many in Asia and Africa. People in parts of these continents received bars of soap, when a shipment was sent from Atlanta to some of these places such as Africa. The initiative was made possible by Global Soap Project, which is a non-profit organization that was founded by Sarah and Derreck Kayongo in the year … [Read more...]

Latest Environment Sensitive Alternatives

In recent days, more number of people are concerned about protecting the environment. Some people use eco-friendly promotional items to spread environmental awareness. Here are some interesting tips to help you practice an environment friendly lifestyle. … [Read more...]

Pesticide Chemical Troubles Canada’s Citizens and Environmental Groups

Ecojustice and Equiterre, two of Canada's major environmental groups, have directed questions at the federal government about the pesticide chemicals used in Canada. These groups are requesting the government to review the utilization of 30 pesticides that have already been banned in other countries. These chemicals are present in over 700 certified domestic and agricultural pesticides. If the … [Read more...]

Local Food is known to be Trendy, but is it Also Eco-Friendly?

With the country going green, quite a few questions are being raised regarding the food that is grown locally. It is quite a trend among urbanites in USA to buy from the farmer’s market and cook locally grown food, but the question is if it is truly eco-friendly. Locally grown food is stirring quite a few debates as new studies are suggesting that the benefits of these foods are being oversold. … [Read more...]

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