Stricter Laws for Organic Products

The US laws for organic products can easily claim to be the toughest ones. This comes as no surprise since the organic sector is growing at a fast pace. The annual organic food sold in the US was worth $1 billion in 1990 when USDA found compelling reasons to regulate the industry. Today, it is worth over $26 billion.  … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Apartments at Black Hawk Campus

The notion of eco friendly apartments is picking up. The most recent example is the eco friendly apartments at Black Hawk Campus. The Black Hawk Campus has moved but the students did not need to unload their luggage. The apartments are pre-fabricated and they only need to be hauled and reassembled. … [Read more...]

Recycled Bags, Reusable Trade Show Bags Can Help Santa Fe after Plastic Bag Ban

Santa Fe has almost finalized its verdict on the ban on plastic bags. The city is most likely to ban carry out bags made from plastic in all the stores. Almost all the city councilors have showed their support for the bag ban. … [Read more...]

Rebate on Wholesale Cloth Shopping Bags Ends

After providing a rebate on reusable bags for five years, Stop & Shop recently brought this program to an end. This move by the supermarket has left many environmental groups upset. One of them has even prompted to decline a donation of $10,000 to the store. … [Read more...]

After Reusable Totes It Is Recyclable Foam

For a long time, it has been believed in the United States that foam cannot be recycled. But is has been proved that foam is actually recyclable. America has been in the recycling league for a long time now. The US has been recycling plastic bags as well as paper bags, and has been promoting reusable totes as well as recycled bags. But not many knew about recyclable foam. This has come as good … [Read more...]

Get Healthy with Organic Eggs

O’Hayer is attempting to change the cramped living conditions of laying hen, probably the most victimized farm animal. Hens that lay eggs are usually found in battery cages that are no more in size than an A4 printer paper. Some states like California have already begun phasing out battery cages. However, these hens condition is not much improved in crammed warehouses. … [Read more...]

Schools in Pittsburg Not Recycling Shopping Bags

David Hughes, an environmentalist, has been advocating recycling as a crucial measure to protect the environment from matters related to congested landfills and depletion of natural resources. However, he was rather disheartened that schools in Pittsburg weren’t recycling recyclable waste. Instead, recyclable items from these schools were making their way to landfills.  … [Read more...]

Environment-Friendly Paper Plates

Paper plates are useful during parties, and while eating outdoors. When you do not have the time to wash dishes, paper plates will be very useful. You need not even worry about having to add paper to landfills, because the paper plates you have now can be a part of your compost pile. … [Read more...]

Reusable Shopping Bags Used at Tampa Art Exhibition

The children of Tampa got an opportunity to make the best use of recycled items to show their talent. An art exhibition was recently organized in Tampa where the children and teenagers of the city participated. These participants displayed their art exhibits that they had made using recycled materials. … [Read more...]

El Cerrito Plans to Welcome Shopping Bag Custom Printed

El Cerrito currently has a decision pending on the ban of plastic bags in the city. The Environmental Quality Committee recently gave its approval to the proposal that stated a ban on one-time plastic bags along with styrene containers that are used for takeout food. Apart from the ban, the proposal also plans the purchase of a land of 7.5 acres for the city.  … [Read more...]

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